This report does not impact users of the My Store Locator Plus managed locator service.

The WP Store Locator Plus  version release 4.9.15 update will throw fatal errors with third party add-ons if you are using DeBaat User Managed locations (UML)  or DeBaat Social Media Extender (SME).  We are working on the Store Locator Plus 4.9.16 release to prevent the “white screen” and auto-deactivate the outdated add-ons.

Resolving SLP 4.9.15 White Screen

This issue only seems to impact third-party add ons including Social Media Extender and User Managed Locations.  It MAY impact Gravity Forms add ons as well.

To resolve this issue you need to determine how important those add-ons are to you.

To Keep Store Locator Plus Current

If you want to ensure WordPress Store Locator Plus, and the WPSLP add-ons Premier, Power, and Experience are kept up-to-date with the latest production versions including any new features and security patches you will need to remove the outdated UML and SME plugins.

If you do not have auto back-ups with restore you will need to delete these directories if they exist:
./wp-content/plugins/slp-social-media-extender (need to verify that is the directory name)

Users will no longer have UML or SME functionality, but this will restore   site the fastest.

To Keep UML and SME With Outdated Store Locator Plus

If you want to keep the third party add-ons:

delete ./wp-content/plugins/store-locator-le and manually install the SLP 4.9.14 or earlier release from the WordPress directory  under Advanced/Development.