HTTP site and Location Sensor

If your site is a non-secure site (HTTP) or does not have a valid SSL  ( Secure Sockets Layer) and/or you have not migrated your site to HTTPS ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol secure), chances are your customer will have a message returned “No results found” even if you have Location Sensor enabled.

Most browsers , and the google map API  require sites to be secure to allow the search engine to detect your customers whereabouts.   There have been numerous articles written concerning the security changes.

Power add-on Update

Store Locator Plus understands your dilemma.  You do not want to lose a customer’s interest because they do not see any locations in their area.  No one should  overwrite  Security protocols.  With the latest  Power  add-on version update to 4.9.3  , results can still be returned on Http sites.  With this update, non secure sites can still display results. The location sensor checkbox is ignored (turned off)  and displays all the results that fit the criteria in your settings.

This stop gap measure allows you time to migrate your site to one with a SSL certificate.  No small undertaking,  but well worth considering as  browsers are requiring  security measures.  If you need Location sensor aware to capture market share, we urge you to obtain a valid SSL certificate.

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