Several changes have made it into the October 2018 release of My Store Locator Plus®.  The updates include features users of the mapping and directory service have been asking for since the start of the summer.

Faster map loads

Users that generate embed codes for their Weebly, Wix, Squarespace or other sites will notice a small change to the code — we now serve up a minified JavasScript snippet.  The compressed code will load faster and take up less memory on your site.   Mobile users visiting your site will like that.

Users that have already embedded the map may want to grab the new embed code by logging into MySLP and copying the code from Generate Embed.

MySLP Minified Generate Embed
MySLP Minified Generate Embed

Copies of your invoices

One of the most-requested items via our support staff is a copy of monthly invoices for the MySLP service.   In the past our support staff had to send a private link to the Stripe-generated invoices.   You can now find all of your invoices in a web and downloadable PDF format under My Profile once you login to your MySLP Dashboard.   The list includes current and past invoices.

MySLP Profile Oct 2018
MySLP Profile Oct 2018

Locator updates

The October release also includes a number of minor patches related to the underlying locator technology.

The updates includes a patch to the location (GPS) sensor tech that impacted some sites including those not using HTTPS to serve up their web pages.   Keep in mind that as of July 2018 the location sensor technology will not work with most browsers including Firefox and Chrome if you do not have an https site.    Users of Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace should ask those providers to get your site on https if you are not already (most are).   WordPress self-hosted sites will need to obtain and install the SSL certificate and configure the web server accordingly as well as change all URL references in the database — don’t you wish you were using a managed service for hosting and location maps right now?

Still managing your own WordPress locator?

Let us manage your locator, deal with Google quotas, software updates and SSL certificates.  Get a MySLP subscription and the only thing you need to do is paste in one of those embed codes.  All your locator plugins and add ons can go away.