With so many changes in the wind these days about APIs and the speed  in which the Google MAP API  terms of service  in their “cloud” platform have been happening , we are always thankful when our customers point out changes that have occurred in the WPSLP functionality.  Thank you to our forum poster, Paul , for pointing  us in the right direction by deactivating Power and exposing the zoom  issue.  If you discover something isn’t working the way it used to, check for updates.  Posting in the WordPress Store Locator Plus  forums is the best way to bring issues to our attention.  Providing your Plugin environment , as Paul did, helps us the most. The more people who post the issue with a screenshot of their plug-in environment, the more likely we are to believe it really might be a bug in SLP.

Store Locator Plus 4.9.19

  • PATCHED bring back some Missing  smart options.
  • PATCHED multi-site general settings for premier subscription
  • PATCHED multi-site premier license checked on main site

Power 4.9.19

  • PATCHED allow the location Pages, Delete Permanently bulk action to clean up mis-linked pages (caused from side-loading imports). This patch only effects the WPSLP stand alone Power users  that enable the SEO Pages.
  • PATCHED zoom level  of the map resetting to center map  default

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