The default layout with location category legend shown below results. 

Add the category legend on the locator map user interface. Includes additional font management. It allows default browser and website themes to dictate the element styling.

Works Best With: Enterprise
Enterprise adds: Placeholders, Loading Indicator, Cluster markers

Works With: Professional.

Not Recommended For: Advanced Level Plan

WordPress will work best with Premier. Improves with Power and Experience add ons.

Overwrites These Settings: Layouts: Locator Layout, Search Layout, Results Layout, Map Layout, Bubble Layout; Search: Search Form Style, Show Search By Name;  Map: Google Map Style, Hide Home Marker, Map Width, Map Width Units, Map Height, Map Height Units, Loading Indicator;Results: Results Header, Do Not Wrap Results In Div, Enable Pagination, Show Country, Show Hours, Phone Label; View: Enable Show Legend Text, Categories: Category Selector, Category – Show Icons.