Default style
The Default style.

The default Store Locator Plus layout and CSS shipped with the latest release.  This is the basic layout for the locator.  It allows default browser and website themes to dictate the element styling.

Overwrites These Settings: Layouts: Locator Layout, Search Layout, Results Layout, Map Layout, Bubble Layout; Search: Search Form Style, Show Search By Name;  Map: Google Map Style, Hide Home Marker, Map Width, Map Width Units, Map Height, Map Height Units, Loading Indicator;Results: Results Header, Do Not Wrap Results In Div, Enable Pagination, Show Country, Show Hours, Phone Label; Categories: Category Selector, Category – Show Icons.

Will Work With: Store Locator Plus® for WordPress or Advanced or higher SaaS Plans

Works Better With: Professional or higher SaaS plans
enables: Search form styling options, Map style and hide markers, Results options, Category options

Works Best With:  Enterprise SaaS plans
enables: Placeholders, Loading Indicator, Cluster markers