Hyperlink Phone Dialer

The dial by phone feature stopped working in a recent update to Store Locator Plus®.   This impacted both the self-managed WordPress plugins as well as our fully managed My Store Locator Plus® service users.

The patch is available in the Experience add on version 4.9.22 for WordPress users; WordPress plugin users will need to download and install the latest release.   MySLP users already have the updated software and will have the dialing feature back online by the time they read this.

Dial By Phone is a feature that wraps the phone number links in the location lists in a link with a de-facto standard tel: prefix.    For users visiting your site from a mobile phone the on-phone browser will automatically dial the number when a user clicks the link.

Store Locator Subscriptions

Our November update to My Store Locator Plus® further addresses self-service invoices.   Our October release allows user to view their subscription invoices online and download a PDF copy for every month they were billed.

Unbeknownst to us, Stripe changes the subscription ID whenever a user allows the subscription to expire.   Often it is due to a credit card expiring and not being updated in their My Store Locator Plus® account.  When that happens a new subscription ID is assigned.  Unfortunately our invoice review interface was only linking to a single subscription ID.

MySLP Subscription Details
MySLP Subscription Details

GPS Location Sensor

The November update to My Store Locator Plus® includes a patch for the location sensor feature, available to Professional and Enterprise level users.    The feature auto-detects a user’s location when they visit your web page where you have embedded your MySLP map.

MySLP Location Sensor Settings
MySLP Location Sensor Settings

This feature stopped working recently due to changes that came online when updates to the JavaScript frameworks we use to deploy the MySLP technology.   MySLP Users that have location sensor enabled under Store Locator Plus® | General | User Interface may have encountered issues with the map not rendering.   The November update will resolve that issue.