GPS Location Sensor

The November update to My Store Locator Plus® includes a patch for the location sensor feature, available to Professional and Enterprise level users.    The feature auto-detects a user’s location when they visit your web page where you have embedded your MySLP map.

MySLP Location Sensor Settings
MySLP Location Sensor Settings

This feature stopped working recently due to changes that came online when updates to the JavaScript frameworks we use to deploy the MySLP technology.   MySLP Users that have location sensor enabled under Store Locator Plus® | General | User Interface may have encountered issues with the map not rendering.   The November update will resolve that issue.

Store Locator Loading Indicator

The loading indicator, a graphical indicator that is shows up as a spinning circle when locations are loading, has been patched in the November update of My Store Locator Plus®.

Loading Indicator
Loading Indicator

Enterprise users that enabled this feature may have had had an issue where the map would not display when this feature was enabled.    The problem has been ongoing since its introduction earlier this summer but was not brought to our attention until recently.   The patch to address the issue is now online.

The Loading Indicator settings are under Store Locator Plus® | Settings | Results for Enterprise level users.

Location Map and Directory Listing Improvements

Several changes have made it into the October 2018 release of My Store Locator Plus®.  The updates include features users of the mapping and directory service have been asking for since the start of the summer.

Faster map loads

Users that generate embed codes for their Weebly, Wix, Squarespace or other sites will notice a small change to the code — we now serve up a minified JavasScript snippet.  The compressed code will load faster and take up less memory on your site.   Mobile users visiting your site will like that.

Users that have already embedded the map may want to grab the new embed code by logging into MySLP and copying the code from Generate Embed.