Users of our WordPress Power plugin get some new layout control features for our Pages SEO module.   Users of our fully managed service will have to wait until later this year for our SEO page builder to be fully tested before getting that feature into our  Enterprise accounts.   MySLP users on the Power, Professional, or Enterprise accounts did get some other patches — see the end of this post.

12-Column Grid Support

Many sites, including thousands of WordPress themes, employ a common 12-Column grid layout system via the inclusion of various UI Frameworks.  Frameworks such as Foundation, Bootstrap, and Vuetify are just a few CSS + JavaScript libraries that are used to build reactive and responsive themes.

Now, with the release of Power 4.9.15, you can stop creating custom responsive CSS rules for every Pages directory listing or SEO Page you create based on locator data.    New attributes added to the [slp_pages] and [store-page] shortcodes allow you to pass along class names to the rendering engine.     This allows you to pass standard “sm12 md4” or “sm6 lg3” type class rules from the underlying theme framework.

For site designers and developers this can save a lot of time.   You can now use standard rules from the underlying theme framework to set screen-width breakpoints and auto-wrap content on mobile devices.

While not ubiquitous in the Store Locator Plus user interfaces, we are working toward that goal.  Eventually these same shortcode attributes will make it into all Store Locator Plus interfaces.   This will reduce the size of the CSS rules in your custom interfaces for the locator.   It also means some of our newer Gallery Styles can better leverage their own baked-in Foundation or Vuetify rules.

Other Patches

For both our MySLP users and our WordPress plugin users

thing we’ve improved…

and we’ve fixed…

  • the ability to enable reports.   Somehow we managed to break the “light switch” that allowed reports to be turned on
  • the location editor to ensure assigned categories don’t go missing when the location is edited and saved.
  • duplicate entries are gone on the bulk actions menu